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Handy Household Tips


Ant Control - If you have pesty little ants in your house try discouraging then by sprinkling some bicarbonate of soda or powdered borax of clove on counter tops, in drawers and on shelves.

Baking Tins:

Prevent Rusting - Rub new baking tins inside and out with lard and place it in an oven at a low heat for 4-5 minutes.  Wipe the tins with a paper towel when they have cooled down.

Remove Rust - If your oven tins have rust, try rubbing them with a cut potato (raw) dipped in scouring powder.  Rinse well and dry in the oven.


Take your bananas apart when you get home from the store.  If you leave them connected at the stem they ripen faster


Add a teaspoon of water to ground beef when frying, it will help pull the grease away from the beef when cooking.


Reheating refrigerated bread - To warm biscuits, pancakes, or muffins that were refrigerated, place them in a microwave next to a cup of water. The increased moisture will keep the food moist and help it reheat faster.

Cutting Boards:

Wooden cutting boards - can become warped over time.  If you would like to level/flatten a wooden cutting board, place it on a flat surface (counter top) and cover it with a damp cloth for at least 24 hours.


To refresh the smell of your dishwasher, spread four heaping tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda at the bottom of your dishwater and run on a rinse cycle.


To make scrambled eggs or omelets really rich; add a couple of spoonfuls of creme cheese,  sour cream, or heavy (double) cream then beat them.

Easy Deviled Eggs - Put cooked egg yolks in a zip lock bag. Seal; mash till they are all broken up.   Add remainder of ingredients, reseal, keep mashing it up mixing thoroughly, cut the tip of the baggy;  squeeze mixture into egg. Just throw bag away when done - easy clean up.


Reopening envelope - If you seal an envelope and then realize you forgot to include something inside, just place your sealed envelope in the freezer for an hour or two. Viola! It unseals easily.

Flouring Tins:

When a cake recipe calls for flouring the tin, use some of the dry cake mix instead and you will not get the white mess on the outside of the cake.


Add garlic immediatley to a recipe if you want a light taste of garlic and at the end of a recipe if you want a stronger taste of garlic. 

Healthy Cooking Tips:

How to find more time in your busy day:

1.  Find a way to commute to work that allows you to read, or listen to tapes while you drive.

2.  Reduce the number of hours you watch television each day.

3.  Trade child-care services with another mother.

4.  Use your lunch hour once a week for a specific activity.

5.  Keep a time log for one week and look for places where you could reclaim 15 minutes here and there throughout your day.

6.  Make a  list of 15 minute tasks you can do while waiting for an appointment or while talking on the telephone.

7.  gin a sleep management plan and get an extra 30 minutes to two hours each day.


Smelly food odors.  Try boiling a teaspoon of ground cinnamon or ground cloves in a quarter litre of water for fifteen minutes to help eliminate lingering smelly food odors.

Oven Temperature Equivalents:

Celsius      Fahrenheit      Gas       

110 C            225 F                    1/4        

130 C           250 F                     1/2

140 C            275 F                     1

150 C            300 F                     2

160 C            325 F                     3

180 C            350 F                     4

190 C            375 F                     5

200 C            400 F                     6

220 C            425 F                     7

230 C            450 F                     8

240 C            475 F                     9


Peppers with three bumps on the bottom are sweeter and better for eating.  Peppers with four bumps on the bottom are firmer and better for cooking 


Heat leftover pizza in a non-stick skillet on top of the stove with heat set to medium - low and heat till warm.  This keeps the crust crispy - no soggy microwave pizza.

Freeze leftover pizza - it will keep for longer. 


To keep potatoes from budding put an apple in the bag with them. 

Removing Stains:

Remove a basin stain -

If you have unsightly stains on your bath or sink/basin from a dripping tap try rubbing with a paste made of lemon juice and salt and rinse well.  If this doesn’t work try rubbing with a toothbrush using a paste of cream of tartar and peroxide and then rinsing.

 Remove a bath stain-

If you have unsightly stains on your bath tub or sink/basin from a dripping tap try rubbing with a paste made of lemon juice and salt and rinse well.  If this doesn’t work try rubbing with a toothbrush using a paste of cream of tartar and peroxide and then rinsing.

Removing Chewing:

If you need to remove chewing gum from hair, apply some peanutbutter and rub it in the area of the chewing gum.

If you need to remove chewing gum from fabric; apply ice to freeze the gum and pick away at the gum while frozen.

 Removing Wax Spills:











If you want to remove wax drippings from a table cloth use tracing paper and an iron.  Place the tracing paper on top of the wax and iron over that area.  The wax should then stick to the tracing paper.

Volume Conversions:

Metric        Imperial                         Cups

ml/litre       fl. oz./pint

30ml       =    1 fl. oz.

60ml       =     2 fl oz.                              1/4 cup

75ml       =     2 1/2 fl. oz.

90ml       =     3 fl. oz.                             1/3 cup

100ml      =     3 1/2 fl. oz.

120ml      =     4 fl. oz.                             1/2 cup

150ml      =     5 fl. oz. = 1/4 pint

175ml      =     6 fl. oz.

200ml      =     7 fl. oz.  = 1/3 pint

240ml      =     8 fl. oz.                               1 cup

300ml      =     10 fl oz. = 1/4 pint                1 1/3 cup

330ml      =      11 fl. oz.                             1 1/2 cup

350ml      =      12 fl oz.

400ml      =      14 fl. oz.

450ml      =      15 fl oz. = 3/4 pint                 2 cup

500ml      =      16 fl. oz.

600ml      =      20 fl. oz. = 1 pint

750ml      =      1 1/4 pints

900ml      =      1 1/2 pints

960ml      =      32 fl. oz.                             4 cups

1 litre       =      1 3/4 pint

1.1 litre    =      40 fl. oz. = 2 pint

1.2 litres  =      2 pints

1.4 litres   =     2 1/2 pints

1.5 litres   =     2 3/4 pints

1.7 litres   =     3 pints

2 litres      =     3 1/2 pints

3 litres      =     5 1/4 pints

Weight Conversions:

Metric                  Imperial

g/kg                      oz/lb

 1g            =          0.3535 oz. 

15g           =         1/2 oz.

20g           =         3/4 oz.

25g           =         1 oz.

50g           =          2 oz.

75g           =          3 oz.

100g         =          4 oz.             1/4 lb.

125g         =          4 .5 oz.

140g         =          5 oz.

150g         =          5.2 oz.

175g         =          6 oz.

200g         =          7 oz.

225g         =          8 oz.            1/2 lb.

250g         =          9 oz.

375g         =         10 oz.

300g         =         11 oz.

325g         =         11.5 oz.        3/4 lb.

350g         =         12.3 oz.

375g         =         13 oz.

400g         =         14 oz.

425g         =         15 oz.

450g         =          16 oz              1 lb.

675g         =          22 oz.             1 1/2 lb.

900g         =          2 lb.

1kg           =                                 2 .2 lb.

1.2kg        =                                 2 1/2 lb.

1.3kg        =                                 3 lb.

1.5kg        =                                 3 lb. 3 oz.

1.8kg        =                                 4 lb.

2.2kg        =                                 5 lb.

Wine Spills: 

Shake salt all over a red wine spill and leave for a few minutes then dap with paper towel.

Wine (left over):

Freeze left over wine in ice cube tray to use for cooking in the future. 



























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